Honeycomb Shelves


The charm of geometry. Our honeycomb shelves are crafted from high-quality wood, these hexagon-shaped delights are designed to be tessellated on your wall, creating a dynamic and customizable art piece. Perfect for showcasing trinkets.  We offer these on a made to order basis.


Honeycomb Shelves

Step into a world where function meets flair with our Honeycomb shelves. Each piece, carefully handcrafted in walnut, maple, cherry, or oak, offers a warm, organic canvas for your keepsakes or serves as a standalone geometric statement. Measuring approximately 12 1/2″ in width, 11″ in height, and a depth of 3″, these versatile hexagons are designed to create a modular display that mirrors the captivating precision of a beehive. Customizable in an array of wood varieties upon request, honeycomb shelves invite you to mix, match, and make a personal mark on your space.  Other sizes can be custom-made. These sell pretty quickly, so if we are on backorder, it takes about a week to make them for you.


  • Solid Hardwood
  • Handmade by Ahsa herself
  • Hand sanded to 320 grit
  • Hand-rubbed tung oil finish (NO VOCs)

Please note: Wood is a natural material, and as such, variations in grain patterns and color are to be expected. Each piece is unique, adding to the charm and individuality of our handcrafted products. We believe these natural variations contribute to the beauty and character of our items, making each one a distinct work of art.


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