Olive Wood Charcuterie Board – Wild World


Olive Wood Charcuterie Board

“Wild World” – Discover the warmth and unmatched beauty of our one-of-a-kind olive wood charcuterie board. Its natural crevices, lovingly filled with clear epoxy, tell a story of beauty and rarity, making each gathering a moment to cherish.  This piece is a conversation starter.


Step into the “Wild World” with this exceptionally unique olive wood charcuterie board, a piece as rare and heartwarming as the song it’s named after. Each curve and crevice from the bark inclusion is highlighted with clear epoxy, reveals the soul of the olive tree, inviting you to touch, feel, and experience its luxurious smoothness, hand-sanded to perfection. Sized at 15″ x 16″, this board doesn’t just serve; it connects, transforms, and elevates your gatherings, making every moment shared around it precious. In its rarity lies its charm, a premium masterpiece for those who seek warmth, connection, and the joy of something truly special.


Key Features:

  • Weighs in at almost 8 pounds
  • Reversible
  • Hand sanded to 1000 grit for a truly luxurious feel
  • Unique bark inclusion  filled with clear epoxy
  • All natural food safe finish
  • Hand crafted by Asha herself



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