Propagation Vase: Popsicle Toes


Celebrate uniqueness with our Popsicle Toes Propagation Vase. Handcrafted for plant lovers, its asymmetrical design adds a touch of nature’s artistry to your space. Available in various hardwoods.

Available in Horizontal version with 2 tubes and a vertical version with 1 tube


Crafted from remnant pieces of our hard maple trestle legs, the ‘Popsicle Toes’ propagation vases are a harmonious blend of artistry and practicality. These vases bear a distinctive design inspired by the playful lyrics of the song. Just like in the song, these vases add a rhythm to your space, allowing you to nurture your green companions.

Key Features:

Approximate dimensions are 9″ long by 3″ wide and 1 1/2″ thick

Unique Aesthetics: Inspired by the song’s whimsical charm, these vases boast a design that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversations.
Crafted to Perfection: Meticulously handcrafted from hard maple and walnut, each vase showcases the creativity Asha has to repurpose cutoffs from our studio.
Choose Your Style: Whether you opt for the horizontal or vertical version, ‘Popsicle Toes’ propagation vases are versatile additions to your indoor garden.
Function Meets Beauty: With room for test tubes, these vases provide an ideal environment for propagating your favorite plants.

Bring a touch of musical magic to your home with ‘Popsicle Toes’ propagation vases. Let the spirit of creativity and growth thrive in your space. Add these unique vases to your collection and let the rhythm of nature unfold.

  • Hand Crafted by Asha
  • Hand-rubbed natural oil finish
  • Maple and Walnut hardwoods
  • Hand sanded to 1000 grit (these feel wonderful)
  • Test tube(s) included

Available in Horizontal version with 2 tubes and a vertical version with 1 tube


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