Will It Go Round in Circles Square Propagation Vase


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Will It Go Round in Circles propagation vase. This square-shaped beauty stands at approximately 8 inches tall by 8 inches wide, boasting rounded corners and a slight curve that creates an alluring edge. The juxtaposition of the square shape with the circular hole adds a captivating contrast, resulting in a harmonious and visually striking design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this vase offers a perfect sanctuary for your plant cuttings to flourish. Embrace the enchantment of this unique piece as it elevates your botanical displays to new heights.


Indulge in the mesmerizing allure of our “Will It Go Round in Circles” propagation vase, an exquisite addition to your botanical ensemble. Standing at approximately 8 inches tall by 8 inches wide, this square-shaped masterpiece showcases rounded corners and a gentle curve that sweeps seamlessly between each corner. The result is an aesthetically pleasing edge that draws the eye and enhances the overall elegance of the design.

Available in a range of luxurious hardwood options, including Oak, Walnut, Hard Maple, and Cherry, this propagation vase offers a delightful selection to suit your personal style and complement your existing décor. We also accommodate requests for other hardwoods, ensuring a bespoke piece tailored to your preferences.  Finished in an all natural Tung oil finish.

Crafted with meticulous artistry and attention to detail, each “Will It Go Round in Circles” vase exudes the timeless charm and inherent beauty of natural hardwood. The smooth and lustrous surface showcases the distinctive grain patterns and rich tones that make each piece unique. Embrace the warmth and character of Oak, the deep richness of Walnut, the clean elegance of Hard Maple, or the classic allure of Cherry — the choice is yours.


  1. Made from solid hardwood
  2. Natural Tung oil finish
  3. Test tube is included
  4. Hand Crafted


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