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SWAY – A Dried Flower Vase (set)


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Unveiling “Sway,” a duo of dry flower vases that celebrates the natural rhythm of design and wood. The larger vase exudes the richness of walnut, standing at 7 inches tall and displaying a width that tapers to 1 1/2 inches. Its partner, a 4 1/4-inch tall cherry vase, offers a contrasting grace with its petite stature. Both are finished with a hand-rubbed Tung oil, highlighting their curves without the use of VOCs. “Sway” is not just a set but an experience in fluidity and form, ready to bring a sophisticated natural touch to your home. This set is for dry flowers, and really just one simple stem.


Behold “Sway,” the pinnacle of Asha’s design artistry, where form not only follows function but dances with it. Each piece in this vase set is a testament to the beauty of minimalism, crafted with an eye for the graceful lines and curves that define modern elegance. The “Sway” collection, with its understated yet captivating silhouette, has been meticulously designed to enhance the natural beauty of dried floral arrangements.

Crafted from the finest materials, these vases are sculpted to create a sense of movement – a gentle tilt, a soft arch – inviting the eye to a visual waltz across its surface. The set features a range of shapes and sizes, offering versatility for styling in any room. Whether displayed as a standalone statement or as an ensemble, “Sway” vases bring a piece of sculptural poetry to your space.

Asha’s signature on each vase is more than a mark of craftsmanship; it’s a promise of quality and a celebration of design. From the selection of the wood to the final touch of the finish, every detail has been considered to ensure that “Sway” is not just a holder for your flowers, but a sanctuary for your most cherished botanical displays.

In “Sway,” you don’t just find a vase. You discover a new way to express your style, to celebrate the art of floral arrangement, and to bring a piece of nature’s timeless beauty

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  1. Janet M

    Unique & Visually Stunning, I love them!

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