The American Pie Console Table


Add a touch of elegance to your space with our American Pie Small Console Table. Handcrafted from exquisite cherry wood with a stunning crotch top, it’s a statement piece that shines in any room. Perfect for tight spaces and available in various hardwoods. Elevate your home décor with this unique and beautiful piece.  These are made to order, please allow 3 weeks, call or text for exact timing.


Introducing our American Pie Small Console Table – a masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. This stunning console table is meticulously handcrafted from exquisite cherry wood, carefully selected for its rich color and beautiful grain patterns. The crotch top adds an extra touch of uniqueness and charm, as it reflects light in different ways, creating a mesmerizing visual effect.

Measuring approximately 20 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 30 inches tall, this console table is designed to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, making it a perfect addition to any room in your home. Its compact size makes it ideal for hallways, entryways, living rooms, or even as a bedside table.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this console table’s construction. The apron is masterfully crafted from figured cherry wood, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood and adding a touch of sophistication to the design. The legs are made from 8/4 stock, carefully milled to size and fitted with precision mortise and tenon joints for superior strength and stability.

The top is attached in a way that allows for seasonal wood movement, ensuring its durability and longevity. The entire piece is sanded to a smooth finish, with soft edges and corners for a comfortable touch.

To enhance its natural beauty and protect it for years to come, the legs are finished with a hard wax oil, providing a lustrous sheen and a touch of warmth. The top is finished with Waterlox Satin (hand rubbed to 800 grit), a premium finish that offers exceptional durability and water resistance, making it perfect for everyday use.

The American Pie Small Console Table is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a work of art that adds a touch of elegance to any space. Its versatility and exquisite craftsmanship make it a statement piece that elevates the aesthetic of your home. Whether you place it in your entryway to welcome guests, use it as a display surface for your favorite décor, or simply admire its beauty, this console table is sure to become a cherished piece in your home for years to come.

Handmade to order in our workshop, this console table is also available in other hardwood options, allowing you to customize it to match your unique style and preferences. Don’t settle for ordinary furniture when you can own a piece of functional art that tells a story of craftsmanship and elegance. Order your very own American Pie Small Console Table today and elevate your home décor to new heights.

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