The Beauty of a Small Console Table: Our Cherry Wood Crotch Creation

At Dovetails and Stitches, we love working with wood. And sometimes we come across a piece that simply takes our breath away. That’s what happened when we stumbled upon a small cherry wood crotch with stunning figure and coloration at one of our local hardwood suppliers. We knew we had to have!  We knew it needed to be turn it into something special.  After some discussion around the shop and much deliberation, we decided to create a small console table that would showcase the wood’s natural beauty.

Cherry Crotch table top

Cherry Crotch Filled and Sanded

Raw Cherry, epoxy filled, no finish

A Cherry Wood Crotch: The Inspiration Behind Our Creation

At the heart of this small console table is the cherry wood crotch that inspired it. This unique wood is created when a tree forks and then heals over, creating a stunning pattern of grain and figure that is highly prized by woodworkers. It’s a rare and special type of wood, and we feel honored to have been able to work with it.

The size of the Cherry top dictated the overall dimensions, so the table measures approximately 30 inches tall, 12 inches deep, and 20 inches wide. We wanted to keep it compact and elegant, perfect for a foyer, hallway, or any space where a touch of warmth and sophistication is needed. We also wanted to make sure that the cherry wood crotch was the star of the show, so we designed the table with clean lines and simple shapes that wouldn’t detract from the wood’s grain pattern.

With the cherry wood crotch in hand, we set out to highlight its natural beauty. We designed the American Pie Console Table with a narrow apron with no beading or details beyond the figured cherry (with swirling patterns and intricate details that change depending on the angle and the light). Then we set off to design the legs, also out of solid cherry.  Here we felt that simple tapers on the inside of each leg was what this table needed.  Simple, clean, and elegant.

Building an Heirloom: American Pie with a Story

Making the American Pie small console table was a labor of love, and every step of the process was carefully considered to ensure the final product would be both beautiful and functional. It all started with selecting the perfect pieces of figured cherry wood for the apron and the 8/4 stock for the legs. We wanted to find wood with a rich color and intricate figure that would complement the cherry wood crotch of the tabletop. Once we had the wood selected, we milled the pieces to the exact size we needed and cut the mortises and tenons for the apron and legs.

Laying out the mortises in the table legs

Cutting the mortises

Small Console Table dry fitted and clamped

Small Console Table, always a dry run before glue

Making sure everything is perfect.

Sanding was a critical step in the process, as we wanted to make sure the wood was as smooth as possible without sacrificing any of its natural character. We took great care to cut mortises and tenons and glue the apron to the legs, ensuring a strong and stable joint that would stand up to everyday use. Then finally attaching the top to the apron in a way that would allow for seasonal wood movement.

Finally, we finished the legs with a hard wax oil and the top with Waterlox varnish (check that out at this link here) to make it durable enough to handle the wear and tear of daily life. The result is a piece that is not only beautiful but also functional and practical. You can toss your keys on the table when you come through the door without worrying about damaging it. We take great pride in our work and hope that this small console table brings joy and warmth to whoever is lucky enough to own it.

Small Console Table with a hard wax oil applies

Small Console Table Apron and Legs

Apron and legs with a hard wax oil finish

The American Pie small console table
Small Console Table: Attaching the top via traditional buttons

Attaching the Top

Using traditional buttons to allow for seasonal wood movememnt

American Pie Small Console Table
Cherry (Crotch) Top wet from its 4th coat of finish

Cherry Top receiving its finish coats

Still wet from its 4th coat, before hand rubbing out

In Conclusion: The Versatility of Wood and the Beauty the American Pie Console Table

This small solid wood console table is a true testament to the beauty and versatility of wood. It’s a piece that showcases the natural grace and character of the material, while also providing a functional and elegant surface for everyday use. We hope it inspires you to discover the wonders of wood, and to create a custom piece of furniture that reflects your own vision and creativity.

Thank you for reading, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to commission your own custom console table or other piece of furniture. We’d be honored to work with you and your unique wood preferences.

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