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Into the Mystic Propagation Station

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5 in stock

Propagation Station Into the Mystic

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Enjoy botanical elegance with our ‘Into the Mystic’ propagation vase. Crafted from Ambrosia Maple, this masterpiece features three propagation tubes, ready to nurture your green dreams. Each piece is a unique work of art, carefully designed by Asha.


Into the Mystic – Propagation Vase Crafted from Ambrosia Maple

Step into a world of botanical enchantment with Asha’s  ‘Into the Mystic’ propagation vase, a masterful creation by Asha. Handcrafted from exquisite Ambrosia Maple, this vase measures approximately 8 inches in length, 3 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth.

Designed to elevate your plant propagation journey, ‘Into the Mystic’ features three thoughtfully integrated propagation tubes, each standing tall at 4 inches. These tubes are included, to get you up and running as soon as our box arrives.

Embrace the inherent beauty of nature’s grain, knowing that each ‘Into the Mystic’ vase is a unique work of art. Asha’s dedication shines through, as she selects figured wood to enhance the allure of every piece. Transform your space and nurture your green dreams with the mystique of ‘Into the Mystic.’


  1. Made from solid hardwood
  2. Hand rubbed oil finish
  3. Test tubes are included
  4. Hand Crafted
  5. Made by Asha herself

1 review for Into the Mystic Propagation Station

  1. Rosa

    The wood grain in my vase is just beautiful, thank you.

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