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Turning the crate into a table

And the final piece

Reclaimed Wood Entry Table

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Reclaimed Wood Entry Table

Reclaimed Wood Entry Table


Sometimes, the most unexpected emails bring life’s most delightful projects. Our latest creation—a reclaimed wood entry table crafted from a cherished champagne crate—began with just such a surprise from a valued client in Washington D.C.

The Origin:

This wasn’t our first dance with creativity for this client. Following the ‘Old Friends‘ bench we crafted for their children (which now proudly sits in our product line), we were entrusted with another meaningful piece—a console table designed to commemorate a special moment, encased in a champagne crate that once celebrated joyous times.  And we love using reclaimed wood in our projects, especially ones that have personal meaning to them.

The Challenge:

Accommodating the project into our busy schedule was a test of our agility. Still, the thrill of bringing a sentimental object back to life as a functional piece of furniture was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  We also had some other challenges to overcome… since some of the pieces were badly warped, cupped, or too thin.  We often encounter challenges when using reclaimed wood, sometimes it is metal in wood like an old nail or screw, and sometimes it is just warped and has to be resurfaced.

The Process:

  1. We started by assessing the poplar crate, and envisioning its transformation.
  2. Selecting wood from our shop, we crafted a new top to match the historic base.
  3. Precision and care were paramount as we installed euro hinges for a lid that’s both secure and subtly integrated.
  4. Cleaning the crate’s surfaces required a delicate touch to preserve its storied imprints.
  5. Protective coats of lacquer were applied to fortify the wood’s legacy.
  6. The tapered legs—a modern touch to an item rich with history—were meticulously shaped and finished.

The Result: Standing at 30” tall, the ‘Reclaimed Wood Entry Table’ now serves as a gateway to the past and a functional artifact for daily life.

Conclusion: From a container of celebration to a cornerstone of daily utility, this console table’s (we have named Time in a Bottle) journey is a tribute to the potential of reclaimed materials, echoing our mission at Dovetails and Stitches—to craft pieces that carry stories as sturdy as their construction.

Sneak Peek:

While the ‘Reclaimed Wood Entry Table’ stands as a beautiful testament to repurposing with a story, our workshop is buzzing with anticipation for the next unique challenge. We’ve just been commissioned to create two cigar molds from wood salvaged from the historical Civil War prison camp, ‘Hellmira.’ Stay tuned to witness how we honor the past, crafting history into heirloom pieces.”

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